Herb Angel is owned and operated by Angel Shockley – plant lover, gardener, medicine maker and perennial experimenter.

herb angelHerb Angel offers seasonally inspired, high quality, small batch herbal products designed to nourish body and soul, and an eclectic array of medicinal herbs and other interesting plants.

I am passionately committed to ecological growing practices and only ever treat my gardens with sunshine, rain, mulch and lots of love.

Respect for the plants, a desire to make the world a better place and the understanding that radiant well being is a function of everyday self care are the heart of Herb Angel.  I grow what I can, collaborate with other local growers and wildcrafters, and source the rest from certified organic and ethical sources.  Currently I steward two gardens: one at Sharondale Farm in Cismont, VA, the other an urban garden in Charlottesville dubbed The Oasis.

By riding the wave of yearly and seasonal changes in abundance, I honor and respect the green world.

This means that while there are some staples in the product line, the rest is a reflection of what is readily available that season, that year.

A native Virginian, I have worked on numerous farms around the country. I currently study at Sacred Plant Traditions here in Charlottesville.

the oasis