Chickweed! Or why we should embrace the ordinary.

Stellaria media, chickweed

sweet sweet chickweed

      One of the things I love best about this time of year is the return of chickweed (Stellaria media)!  Chickweed shows up in early spring and fades out as the weather turns warmer then graces us again with her presence again in the fall. Chickweed likes to grow in damp, rich soil – you likely have some growing in your garden beds (or around your compost pile).  Chickweed is a common plant – a weed for some.  For them, that might mean it’s a plant they would like to get rid of in their garden. But for us herbalists (weed-tenders), these are the plants showing up in great abundance providing us with plenty of medicine to bring to the people, without endangering the plant community.  On weeds, Kiva Rose writes, “I also appreciate the feral nature of plants that survive where and when they can, digging in with roots and tendrils and running wild across the face of buildings, fences, lawns and whatever else will sit still long enough for them grow in, over or through. For me, the plants serve as role models and teachers, friends and confidantes. I’ve always found this especially true of unruly wildflowers and rebellious weeds that give the finger to herbicides and lawn regulations, busily growing and blooming from every crevice and empty patch of dirt.”  Love it!

Here are a couple of great links if you are interested in learning more about the incredible healing properties of chickweed:

Chickweed is a Star, by Susun Weed

Chickweed: My favorite salad green, by Corinna Wood

Rosemary Gladstar on Wild Spring Greens


part of Monday’s harvest

This week I harvested chickweed at Sharondale Farm and Twin Springs Farm.  I like to make infused olive oil (for use in my soothing salve), vinegar and chickweed pesto.



chickweed infusing in olive oil

Love, Angel

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