Big ups

A smattering of people and organizations doing good work!

Big up to Mark Jones, Central Virginia’s very own fun-guy!  Offering the finest gourmet & medicinal mushrooms, locally adapted spawn and useful plants. As the birth place of Herb Angel, Sharondale holds a very special place in my heart.


Big up to Sacred Plant Traditions! And especially to Kathleen Maier, teacher and mentor to so many herbalists!   SPT is a premier herbal educational facility, offering many kinds of classes from one day classes all the way to a 3 year clinical herbalist training program (not to mention bringing some of the biggest names in contemporary herbalism to Charlottesville).  Our community is so blessed!



Big up to Suzanna Stone of Owlcraft Healing Ways.  They offer a completely outdoor herb school, set in the beautiful countryside of Scottsville, VA.



Big up to Tara Griffin of Griffin’s Eye Design.  Without Tara, my humble site wouldn’t have happened.  So when you need  a website, give Tara a shout. GriffinsEye


Big up to Sylvan Designs.  Mihr is an incredible artist who will turn your idea into a beautiful reality.  Contact her for your graphic design needs!!


The Virginia Association for Biological Farming.  Support them! VABF


Real people. Real change. ‘Nuff said. VOP


Rob and Krista got it goin’ on!   They offer an amazing array of farm products – plants (so many, so beautiful!), amazing meat and eggs, herbal products AND a series of classes to get you started yourself.  All right in Louisa County.



Eat your lawn, feed your soul.




Dedicated to saving our wild healing herbs.



Taking the world by storm!  Big up to the ever inspiring Molly Meehan of Centro Ashe.  Nestled in southern Maryland, Centro Ashe is a medicinal plant sanctuary, farm and herbal education center.   Oh, and they coordinate the Roots and Culture tour in beautiful Costa Rica.  Get to know these folks, they are the real deal!



A great example of a big company doing good things! mountainrose


These folks are crankin’ out incredible food, regenerating soil and building community in downtown Charlottesville.  Oh, and look at those rows. UACC





Hooray for Wünderbars! Check out her super fun and amazingly, delicious smelling body bars. 





We love Chin!



Big up to Joslyn Creative.  Your non-profit needs them! joslyncreative