Spring Tidings from a mongrel herbalist

     Right now is truly an exciting time in American herbalism.  Many and more people are answering the call of the plants – we are in the midst of an herbal renaissance.   I am beyond grateful to live in an area with such a rich and thriving herbal community. Last summer I attended a workshop […]

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    Some Thoughts On Being a Tenant Farmer

    Tenant farmer: n: a farmer who raises crops on land owned by someone else. A main part of my vision for Herb Angel is growing herbs.  A huge part of my vision for a happy life is having a beautiful garden and tending lots of plants.  The thing is, I don’t own land.  In the […]

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    Magical Mimosa

    Many of my favorite medicine plants are (invasive) weeds.  Albizzia julibrissin, or Mimosa, is no different.  In the summer months you’ll notice the puffy pink blossoms of this special tree all around – on the side of the road, in yards, fields. Chinese materia medica, Mimosa is known as the Tree of Collective Happiness. Important […]

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    Last September I attended a workshop called “Super Natural Sodas, Magical Meads and Local Liqueurs” (click here for the 2104 offering).  Besides spending a beautiful day in amazing gardens and sampling tasty cordials, elixirs and ferments, the most incredible thing I got from the workshop was the concept of cultural topsoil.  We tend our gardens […]

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